A Great Loss to Road Racing: Dario Cecconi R.I.P.

PRESS RELEASE 11 TANDRAGEE 100 2017 25th APRIL 2017 STATEMENT REGARDING DARIO CECCONI The North Armagh Motorcycle & Car Club (Tarmac Section) Ltd deeply regrets to announce that Dario Cecconi, a 38 year old competitor from Italy, who sustained serious injuries after the chequered flag had gone out for the Senior Support Race on Saturday […]

Track Day & Track Training Day Dates 2017

  Wednesday 01st March Track Training Day Saturday 11th March Race Licence Assessment Day Thursday 16th March Track Day National Track Friday 07th April Derek Sheils Track Day Sunday 16th April Track Day International Track Wednesday 12th April Track Training Day Wednesday 03rd May Track Training Day Monday 08th May Track Day National Track Sunday […]